Difference Between Men’s Shoes and Women’s Shoes

One of the most common fashion accessories for men is men’s shoes. It does not matter whether it is a pair of dress shoes, casual dress shoes or formal shoes. All men are conscious of their image and do everything to look elegant and suave. And there is no more appropriate place for a man to show off his elegant image than in his shoes. It is why shoes have been a great obsession and an integral part of every man’s wardrobe since time immemorial.

mens shoesBut are mens shoes just like any other footwear with regards to maintenance? For starters, the kinds of shoes that are available for men are different from the ones that are available for women. Women’s shoes are designed for ease of use, comfort and a very pretty appearance. But men’s shoes, on the other hand, are built for more robust footwear.

For instance, loafers are shoes that are either laced or slip-on. A typical loafer would have a high heel and would not have a V-shaped heel. Loafers are ideal for wearing with trousers, jeans and leggings as well. Apart from loafers, the other kind of quite popular shoes among men include the chinos, the Cuban heel, the buck, and the suede.

Ballet flats are the most commonly worn type of shoes, and they are also among the oldest shoes. They are made with soft leather material, and therefore, it is not surprising that these shoes were once designed to be worn with formal outfits. The main article of this type of shoe is the mid-calf area, where the toe rolls inwards towards the ankle. It is then complemented by a slightly higher heel that adds height to the posture of the body.

Another type of mens shoes is the Oxfords. These are shoes characterized by soft leather uppers, and they generally feature a full calfskin like cushioning and spiky heels. However, Oxfords differ from ballet flats as they have a more casual look. Oxfords are also characterized by open toe caps that allow the toes to move inwards.

If you are looking for an elegant pair of men’s shoes that are perfect to wear at a special event such as a wedding or a ball, you may want to try a pair of dress shoes. A plain or solid sole characterizes dress shoes and can either be made with satin or suede leather. For instance, dress shoes made with satin can make you appear sophisticated, while those made with suede will make you look casual. Most men do not opt for dress shoes whenever they go out, but if you have a special event coming up, such as your wedding or a party, a dress shoe may be a perfect choice. You may then pair your dress shoes with a nice tuxedo for that elegant touch.