The UNIPAK Balers Twine is the Best Product for Baling and Here’s Why

Are you a haymaker? Are you experiencing difficulties in your baling work? If so, then you might be using the wrong baling product. Most of the time, using the wrong product is the main reason why most people have a hard time bundling and stacking bales of hay or silage. Whatever baling material you’re using right now, we want you to stop using it and switch to a quality UNIPAK balers twine. When you use the right bale twine, you will experience faster and less-hassle baling process. The right baling product will also allow you to store your bales wherever you want. So, if you’re looking to switch to the best baling twine out there, you should choose high-quality balers twine from UniPak. It’s one of the most popular twines out there for baling, and you should consider switching to it.


Why the Balers Twine is the Best

Balers twine is a synthetic cord made from durable, fibrous materials. It’s used primarily for tying and baling hay, straw, silage, and other types of fibres. This versatile twine can be used for any bale shape – whether it’s square or round. Baling twine is made from a variety of different materials, all contributing to make it strong and durable. It features the following components along with the estimated amount:


  • 5% Wax
  • 15% Lignin
  • 30% Hemicellulose
  • 50% Cellulose


These components all contribute towards creating a high-quality UNIPAK balers twine that can withstand high pressure and harsh outdoor conditions.


Alternative uses of a Bale Twine

Baling twine isn’t just exclusive for baling alone. It’s an all-around twine that you can use for multiple different purposes and applications. While its primary use is for tying up silage and other similar materials, it also has some alternative methods such as a rope used for repairing farm gates. You can also turn your baling twine into an emergency belt for your trousers. You can even use it as an alternative harder for your farm animals. Simply put, a balers twine can be used for any other type of rope-related purpose.



UNIPAK Balers twine is a standard farming product that’s available in your local agricultural store or hardware store. You can also purchase one online. Visit UniPak today to make your order. You can also like our page on Facebook to get all the updates you need about balers twine and your other favourite baling products.