Tree Stump Removal by Yourself

Do you have a tree stump on your property that you are worried about? Does the stump cause you trouble every time you walk or drive over it? If so, do not worry because stump removal Adelaide is quite easy. But, unfortunately, it can also be harmful and dangerous to your lawn. Here’s a basic overview of some of the types of problems that tree stumps may cause when they are removed.

stump removal AdelaideThe most obvious physical problem that occurs when a tree stump is removed is a possible safety hazard. If the stump is large (and unfortunately often is), it can block the way between the sidewalk and curb or even cause a traffic accident. Stump grinding, which is the process by which wood is removed from a stump, is one of the simplest and most effective methods of dealing with this problem. But if your stump has roots, tree service experts can also use methods like tree surgery to cut them away (with the aid of a machine). It is often combined with stump grinding to ensure that all of the wood is removed. The result will be a completely new and different landscape, free of any stump.

Tree stumps may also become a nuisance due to their tendency to grow back repeatedly. If you let them grow, you’ll end up having to remove them every time you want to have a walk-in in your backyard. Fortunately, tree service professionals can often remove your stump, prune it, and set it right if it was ever re-grown again. But you do have to trust your tree service company, as some unsavoury tree service companies will take your money and disappear, leaving a big mess behind them.

Even if you manage to get rid of the stump by yourself, it will leave a big mess. You’ll have to dig it out of your yard, possibly causing damage to your lawn or garden, and you will also likely disturb the roots of the tree, weakening them and making it easier for them to grow back. Plus, if the tree was damaged by lightning, you may have to hire an arborist to take care of it further. And what if you cannot remove the stump yourself? Even if you manage to chop it down to size with a chainsaw, the chances are that the roots have been damaged enough to make the tree more susceptible to disease, decay, and pests, which will mean having a new tree planted in it its place.

Stump removal Adelaide by yourself should only be attempted if you feel confident enough and have access to the proper equipment. It is one of those tasks that you don’t need to be an expert at, and certainly, one can be accomplished by someone who has some knowledge of basic DIY skills. And while there are plenty of stump removal kits on the market, they are far from comprehensive and often fail to address situations where a bit of planning goes a long way.

A good technique for stump removal Adelaide involves preparing the ground by clearing away any rocks or other debris that might be blocking the way. The next step involves making small holes in the earth about an inch deep and four inches wide, with a drill bit as long as your tree stump is long. The depth of the hole should correspond with the width of the tree stump. Once the hole is dug to the correct depth, make several small holes along the perimeter and then place the stump inside. Cover the root system with dirt, and cover the top with a sheet to prevent moisture from getting into the hole.