Buying Shade Sails in Adelaide

A shade sail is attached to the top of an outdoor building in such a manner that whenever the sun hits it, it automatically will go up and deflect the direct sunlight to other parts of the outdoor structure. Shade sails are used on numerous types of outdoor buildings, both elaborate and simple. Here are some tips in buying shade sails from

Choose one that best suits your needs. For instance, portable shade sails which can be carried around and installed in no time may be too big and bulky for your requirements. They do not provide UV protection and hence should be used only during the day. You can use umbrellas with UV protection, and these portable ones would be great for placing at the side or back of tables and benches, where the heat from the sun is not too much.

The most common material used in making shade sails Adelaide is nylon or polyester fabric. Nylon is the most robust fabric, but the fabric that is most commonly used is polyester. Polyester gives adequate UV protection and good rain protection, though both can deteriorate with prolonged exposure to the elements. Nylon is also easy to clean, though polyester is easier to maintain and is more durable.

Choose the size of the sail you need. For instance, polyester fabric has lots of threads, and it’s a little bit difficult to manufacture a sail of such size. The shade sails’ right size is determined by the patio’s overall size or area where you want to place them. If you have a large outdoor area, you may want to consider buying several of them. Just make sure to order one size larger than the actual required size to prevent any fabric stretching and rumpling.

Nylon or polyester treated foam is typically used in making shade sails, while polyester fibreglass is more suitable for rainy conditions. Fibreglass HDPE material is light, but it can’t withstand heavy rainfall or strong winds. Also, HDPE material is prone to algae and mildew damage, so it is not ideal if you intend to use them outdoors. Another downside is that the lightness of the material makes it more susceptible to damage from the sun, eventually leading to its destruction.

To get optimum UV stability and moisture resistance, you may opt for PVC coated fabric. This is the most common material used to manufacture shade sails Adelaide. This type of material is highly UV-resistant and highly abrasion-resistant, which means that it will not degrade in time, and it will offer good water resistance without any signs of fading.

As mentioned earlier, PVC coated fabric is excellent for UV-resistance and abrasion resistance, but it is also very lightweight and flexible. These qualities make it ideal for easy installation on almost any roof, including small roofs and slanting roofs. It has been widely acclaimed for its long-lasting performance, even under harsh conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rains. Even the installation process itself is relatively easy, provided you follow the correct instructions.

Shade sails should be installed where they can receive the maximum sunlight from serving their purpose. If you have small children or pets around the play area, make sure that they cannot reach the area where the shade sails are installed. This is to ensure their safety and your safety as well. The sun rays are intense and can easily harm children or pets. You might also want to consider the sun’s position during different seasons because positioning the sail correctly can help minimise the number of times you will need to deploy the shade sails during the day.