Why Screen Doors are Necessary for Every Home

Doors are points of entry not just for burglars and criminals but also for mosquitoes and other disease-carrying creatures. At a time when crimes are rampant, and diseases are spreading, ASI Security screen doors are what you need to keep your home safe.

Why are screen doors necessary if I already have a durable door? Do I need to add security screens even if my door has double lock systems? These are just some of the common questions acquainted with screen door installation. Check out the following points to learn more about the significance of these door protection systems.


  1. Crime Prevention


Crimes take place in Australia every day. As a family guy, the best gift you can give your loved ones is a safe and secure home. ASI Security screen doors are proven to help keep burglars away from the house. If they see that your door has a screen system, they will think twice on their plans to infiltrate the property.


Screen doors are known to have safety features for children and the elderly. These doors ensure that no stranger can enter the home, especially if you’re somewhere at the backyard and the kids are inside the house. A screen system will also help buy time for you to call the authorities just in case you notice unusual behaviour from someone outside your home.


  1. Safety Locks


If you have to step out for a moment to water the plants or feed the dogs, rest assured that screen doors will keep your kids safe inside. You can keep on with your outdoor activities while your kids play safely inside the house.


  1. Pest Prevention


Pests don’t just pass through small crevices or holes on the wall. They also freely enter the house through open doors and windows. Do note that some pests carry diseases that could be harmful to your family.


If you install security screen doors, you are mainly reducing the chances of allowing disease-carrying creatures to penetrate your house. This is especially true in terms of small insects such as mosquitoes. Protecting the health of your loved ones is more important than anything else at this time.


Whether you need screen doors for the back or front door, rest assured that your installers will accomplish the task. You can also ask your installation team to integrate sensors and other security systems to enhance your home’s overall security system further.


Get your screen doors installed today! Consult with the experts if you have preferences or customised ideas that will strengthen your home’s protection against crimes, pests, and diseases.