3 Steps to Creating Your Online Concept Store

A concept store, by definition, is an online retail store that stocks are carefully chosen, handpicked goods that relate to a particular theme, often targeting a specific demographic. In current times when more people are shopping online, concept stores have become more valuable than ever. Such concept stores’ current niche nature is precisely what makes them such a treasure trove to savvy online retailers. Below are just a few of the many advantages of owning and operating such a store.

Saint GardeAs already mentioned, there is nothing quite like browsing through Instagram for trend ideas. There is also the bonus of networking with other like-minded people who share your passion for the products and culture. However, it seems as if the social media aspect of Saint Garde online concept stores will be the next big thing. Just recently, Instagram users were allowed to upload pictures to their account, which would then be visible to anyone on the site, making for an instant shopping community!

Another unique aspect of an online concept store is selling both physical products and digital products through a payment system based entirely on the currency of the place you are shopping in. For example, one shopping centre will allow you to buy concrete matter at whatever price you wish, whilst another virtual platform will convert your price point to dollars. Such a system makes it possible for you to not only get your money’s worth but have the complete freedom to price items any way you like – from the highest to the lowest price available.

As previously mentioned, with a Saint Garde online concept store, you have the freedom to curate the content that you offer on your site. It is a wonderful thing for anyone that enjoys creating captivating websites and blogs. You can make as many articles as you want, and then have them placed in categories according to the type of people they will appeal to. You can even decide to create a category based on a particular interest. For example, if you are into vintage clothing, you could curate a website full of articles on this subject.

The final part of a Saint Garde online concept store is posting shared stories between consumers and service providers. An example of this would be a blog post written by someone associated with Instagram. They would be able to comment on other people’s stories and then, when you’re logged into Instagram, you can see the link and click on the link to read the full story. Sites like a hotspot and hyper log are used widely, and with good reason – they allow users to curate the content they like and then share it amongst their friends.

As well as posting stories to your Instagram account, you can also publish videos on YouTube. Both of these formats are popular with young children, and so if you’re looking to cash in on the craze, you should take advantage of this. However, you won’t be able to use your personal Instagram account for these videos. Instead, you will need to use either one of the other two sources – Google video or Yfy. You can also post shared stories between customers and service providers through a blog post.