Compelling Reasons to Come and See a Podiatrist

Most people ignore seeing the doctor when they encounter problems with their feet or ankles because they are uncertain of where to go for treatment. And in some cases, they tend to believe that constant foot discomfort is normal. However, having persistent foot pain is not healthy at all.

You should contemplate seeing a Podiatrist Adelaide if you have any problems involving the foot and or ankle, whether it is due to a sports injury, joint pain, arthritis, or skin issues. A podiatrist is a specialist who handles and treats almost all symptoms related to the ankle and the foot.

It’s time to see a podiatrist if you are suffering from any of the following:

1 – Swelling, Pain, and Numbness

Intermittent pain or inflamed feet are normal; however, sharp pain, inflammation, or numbness in one foot for no apparent reason can be an indication of a severe problem and necessitates an appointment with the doctor.

2 – Nail Fungus

The amount of cases of fungal infection on toenails has boosted rapidly along with the increasing popularly of nail salons. And if left untreated, the contamination triggers the nails to become thick and discoloured, and there is a risk that it might spread to the other toenails.

3 – Heel Pain

When it comes to heel pain, it can be clearly linked as a cause by a range of various problems. A Podiatrist Adelaide will carry out an examination and take x-rays to verify the root cause and develop a treatment plan. When you think you have injured or broken your ankle or foot, perhaps, your primary impulse may be to visit the orthopaedist, but a podiatrist has higher knowledge and experience in giving treatment in foot and ankle injuries.

4 – Athlete’s Foot

It is a fungal infection that is very common out there, and generally, it can be properly cured with over the counter creams or sprays. But if athlete’s foot becomes recurring, a podiatrist can prescribe a highly effective cream or oral prescription and will examine for potential infection.

5 – Diabetes

Foot problems like poor circulation, nerve damage, ulcers, and disease are very common to people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. You must see the podiatrist once a year for a foot examination to assist in preventing these possibly risky problems, especially if you have diabetes.

6 – Ingrown Toenail

Probably, you may tend to try to eliminate a painful ingrown toenail on your own or might visit your local nail salon for assistance, but it is always safer and less painful to have it well removed at the doctor’s office. A podiatrist can offer treatment if the nail has become infected and numb the area through the removal procedure.

7 – Bunions

A bunion is a skeletal lump that develops on the outside of the big toe joint, and such condition can become more painful as the bunion gets bigger. An x-ray can assist in diagnosing the root cause, and the podiatrist will endorse treatment alternatives based on the seriousness of the bunion.

It is essential to take good care of your feet as it can directly influence your overall health and disregarding the signs might result in a more severe problem. It is ideal to speak with your primary care physician regarding a referral to see a podiatrist if you are having any concerns associated with your feet and ankles.