The Perks of Purchasing a House and Land Package

The comfort of owning land with the freedom that comes with incorporating your home design is what you will get from purchasing house and land packages. It allows you to choose where the windows are and the view they look out to with the customisation possibilities that extend beyond the home it offers. It is a great time to look at combining your new house design with a plot to match with lots of exciting land ownership opportunities opening in recent years.

Investing in House and Land Packages Adelaide offers numerous advantages that you will surely love, like:

  1. The freedom over the design.

Buyers have the freedom to choose a design that will suit their needs, on a sizeable block of land is what purchasing a house and land package mean. In short, a property with a pre-designed new home built on it is the inclusion in your house and land package purchase.

Most buyers will purchase their land from agents and developers. Then, they search around to look for another builder for the right home. It means that the buyer will need to produce a lot of money as the purchasing process can take a long time and of course, get costly.

  1. A house and land package costs less than a custom-built home.

Compared to existing homes in the same area, a house and lot package generally provides better value. You are purchasing a brand-new home with modern fittings and fixtures that cost less likely than a custom build one.

  1. You move into a new house that’s ready for occupancy.

You also have the opportunity to choose whether to have the whole place ready to live in once completed or to move into with minimum inclusions only. All additions like cooktop and oven in the kitchen, taps and toilets in your bathrooms and tubs are all in place when you decide to move into the new home.

  1. The purchase of house and land packages means that you may be eligible for deductions and grants.

Some buyers may be able to benefit tax grants, deductions and local government concessions in terms of purchasing a house and land package. For example, your locality may only ask you to pay stamp duty on the land portion. In fact, you will pay no stamp duty and could receive concessions too if you are an eligible first homeowner buying a vacant block of residential land.

Buying House and Land Packages Adelaide are arguably your most practical investment today, considering that most local governments support the idea of offering affordable housing to their residents. It is no secret that you want to make the most out of your investment in a new home; thus, consider house and land packages as it is worth it.