What Makes Granny Flats a Wise Investment?

The most excellent way to benefit from the unused space in your backyard is through building a granny flat, it will not only offer extra living space for you and your loved ones, but it can likewise operate a stable income if you ever opt to rent it out.

Being easy to build and maintain are a few of the main reasons that make granny flats Adelaide a wise investment. Many households can easily set up granny flats in their backyards. They are deemed as secondary homes, meaning they are built adequately on the same land with the main house.

Granny flats are generally described to as self-contained homes, having their separate entrances, living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Usually, they are separated from the primary residence but can likewise be well constructed as an annex of the main house. Even your spare room in your existing home can be well converted into a granny flat. The essential thing to consider a structure to be a granny flat is for it to have its separate passageways and doorways.

It is ideal to refer to your local council first to find out specific rules and regulations that apply in your locality if you are planning to build a granny flat. Nevertheless, as a rule, granny flats must meet the following standards:

  • The granny flat must be well built on a property zoned for residential use.
  • A property size of at least 450 square metres is a requirement.
  • The granny flat must have a maximum living space of 60 square metres. Its balcony or patio space should not go beyond 12 square metres.
  • Only one granny flat is allowed in a property.
  • The same person who owns the primary residence should be the one who holds the granny flat.
  • It cannot be constructed on land under strata, subdivided, or community title.

When it comes to building and renting out a granny flat, each state has its own specific set of guidelines and rules. The most significant approach before constructing granny flats Adelaide is to obtain a permit from a licensed accreditor. Always remember to ensure that you get approval first. There are some states, which allow granny flat owners to rent out the dwelling to unrelated parties.

In various parts of Australia, renting it out for income is definitely not allowed. They only exception to the building of a granny flat is only if a dependent person can reside in the dwelling. You are likewise entitled to make use of the flat as a home office, a private studio, or an additional living room. You can check with your local councils so that you do not end up being fined or reprimanded for doing something that is prohibited.

If you are planning to build granny flats in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, or in Australian Capital Territory, you must know that these territories permit homeowners to make use of granny flats as a source of steady income.