The Pros of Ducted Gas Heating in Homes

Natural gas is arguably the most sought-after source of energy in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. Its popularity is owed to the notion that it is a clean and eco-friendly fuel. But what truly separates it from other options is the fact that it is energy-efficient. Well, the same holds for ducted gas heating.


The heating industry relies on gas, oil, electricity, geothermal, and propane sources, but nothing is more reliable than gas due to its collection of benefits. The ducted gas heating option is likewise versatile enough to accommodate different needs, including that of single heating rooms or an entire house or building. The system is highlighted by a central heating unit that’s connected to several outlets positioned in the different areas and rooms in the home or building. The outlets installed either on the ceiling or the floor. There also is an air inlet located at the ground level, the purpose of which is to draw down warm air. The result is an evenly distributed warm temperature across the different area in the house.


The reason why ducted gas heating is characterised as the most energy-efficient option is that the unit naturally heats the air fast and distributes it effectively without mechanical or technical assistance. The system operates by way of moving heat from one area to another and then reheating the returning air.



If you are in an area or location where electricity costs are higher than in most regions in Australia, then it means that making the switch to ducted gas heating is a practical decision to make. It is a cost-effective alternative that would allow you to save about 30% of annual energy expenses. One of the perks of the system is that you can set it up in a way that it will only use energy when the living space is below your preferred temperature. Hence, it won’t run all the time, preventing the waste of energy and resources in the process.


What is even more remarkable about ducted gas heating is that it only produces a third of the emissions of heating through coal-generated electricity. For those who are unaware, electricity is not necessarily clean energy since it requires coal to generate and distribute it to the power grid. Likewise, ducted heating that utilises gas as a fuel will produce less greenhouse gas emissions compared to the likes of coal and oil.


Best of all, the maximum level of comfort that ducted gas heating provides is incomparable. It offers instant and efficient warmth to your entire living space. It has a less draught effect and won’t dry out your eyes and skin like other heating systems. Lastly, you will benefit from the multiple zoning features in which you get to choose which areas or rooms in the house you want to heat.