A Look at the Different Door Lever Options

Door levers have always been considered an essential part of home security. It is impossible to fully protect a home from intrusion if you do not have a door that can withstand burglars’ efforts. Even with all the most stringent security measures and the best home security plan, nothing will work to prevent a thief from entering your house if he has no way of bypassing a particular door lock or iron bar. It is where applying a good quality burglar-proof home security system becomes all the more crucial. It is why most modern homes employ door levers with locks for that extra level of protection.

Door Levers w/ locksDoor Levers w/ locks are among the most popular types of security devices you can use in securing homes. These devices consist of both a keypad and a latch. The latch is an additional security device you may also integrate into the same device. What makes this type of door lever so popular is that it does not require you to have a key to operate. It works on the principle of biometric fingerprint technology, which stores fingerprints electronically so that only you or whomever you have given access to can enter your house without unlocking it with the key.

Privacy door levers have an added advantage that is unique to them. They can be operated from inside your house using the fingerprint sensors installed on all doors within the property. If you intend to automate this particular security lock, then you can leave the key to it on the doormat. Your automatic door handle will be triggered every time you press the button on the wall, and it will open and allow the person to move inside. It will provide you with complete security in terms of protection from intruders.

Privacy door lever systems are widely used by business houses and residential homes alike. Apart from being practical, they are also straightforward to install, thanks to their slim designs. You can buy a wide variety of privacy door levers online, and you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs. If you decide to automate this type of security lock, you can also purchase a system of your own, installing the door handles as well.

The most common of these Door Levers w/ locks is the standard door lever, which features a flat surface and a rotary knob on its top. On its sides are two steel rods, which serve as the pivot for the locking mechanism. One side of the pole has a flat surface, and the other has a reverse feature. The standard door lever can be locked or unlocked with a flip of the lever, either clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on the mode of operation set on the switch. The levers in this type of security lock are usually fixed, except for a few models that include a reversible lever.