Dental Excellence Clear Correct Dental Aligners – Who Needs Them?


With Dental Excellence ClearCorrect teeth aligners designed out of nickel-titanium, it’s important to note that they tend to last much longer than clear braces, though obviously, the treatment time for these is significantly shorter as well. This is largely due to the fact that titanium is, of course, much more durable and tends to last much longer than various other metals. It’s worth noting that these aligners offer a unique blend of materials that are used to correct teeth misalignment problems. To this end, it’s vital to take a look at this information on Clear Correct.


When taking a look at ClearCorrect dental braces, the first thing to note is that this system works by creating invisible alignment support directly above the teeth. This is done by a thin plastic membrane, which sits on top of the existing tooth enamel and covers the teeth themselves to offer a very tight and secure hold onto the teeth. What’s great about this is that it means that there is no need for under biting or overbite – two issues that plague many people with braces. In addition, the alignment supports on top of the teeth are entirely transparent, which helps improve eye contact and self-confidence – especially when trying to communicate with others.


The other material used in Dental Excellence Clear Correct dental aligners is a particular type of clear resin, which is then shaped directly onto the top layer of tooth enamel. This resin is then hardened with heat, which sets it into a solid state, making the braces highly effective. The dentists can offer a much tighter grip on the teeth, which also makes them far more comfortable to wear. At the same time, they’re far more durable than regular braces – which again helps them last much longer.


If you have braces already but like them to look a little better, then you can apply a gel to them. This helps cover up any browning areas that may be there and will leave your teeth looking much brighter and clearer. Although this isn’t an alternative to dental aligners, it can certainly be used as a supplement to help make their job easier. However, the gel is only applied once you’ve had your braces put in, and as such, it only works as long as you’re having them put in – not before. So whilst you can use a gel to make your braces look better, it won’t do any actual harm if you have them put in.


It is important to remember that Dental Excellence Clear Correct braces are only part of a comprehensive plan for correcting your teeth. Most dental surgeries will provide you with a full range of care plans, from orthodontics and teeth whitening to a whole range of cosmetic treatments. They may also offer treatment as part of a programme designed to give you back your confidence and improve your self-esteem. As with all these plans, if you don’t like what they offer, you can always switch your treatment to something else. In fact, with many plans, if you change your mind after the fact, then you can usually have the treatment refinanced into it at an excellent price. And that’s not all – many plans also include support for aftercare and help with maintaining your teeth at home, meaning you’ll get even more value for your money with ClearCorrect dental aligners than you would by visiting the dentist!