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Office Cleaning Services

For a small business, office cleaning is essential to provide a comfortable and safe environment for employees and customers. A messy workplace can turn potential customers off and make employees uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are office cleaning services that offer a variety of affordable options. Since most small business owners don’t have the time or resources to clean the office on their own, you should consider contacting a professional to do the cleaning.

Janitorial services

office cleaning GeelongBefore hiring a janitorial service, you should do a bit of research. Not all cleaning services are the same, and you’ll want to ensure that the one you choose has a professional work ethic. But, again, you can check out previous work and reviews to find a reliable company.

Before hiring a janitorial company, you should discuss the type of services you require and your expectations. By setting clear expectations, you’ll avoid any potential misunderstandings. The purpose is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the cleaning service provider and the customer.

Deep disinfection

Deep disinfection is an essential part of office cleaning Geelong services. This process consists of disinfecting all surfaces in your office, which can take several days to complete. In addition, the process requires proper ventilation. Deep cleaning is not necessary every day, but it is recommended for larger businesses or those with hundreds of employees.

Deep disinfection is crucial for surfaces that are touched frequently by several people. While cleaning daily with household detergent and soap reduces the number of germs on surfaces, it does not eliminate them. Therefore, to minimise the risk of spreading germs, it is crucial to disinfect frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant.


Vacuuming your office is a vital step in keeping it clean. The most trafficked areas should be vacuumed daily, while lower-traffic areas should be vacuumed once or twice a week. Vacuum areas that don’t receive much foot traffic only once a week and those with more noticeable dirt should be vacuumed more frequently.

A professional office cleaning Geelong company can tailor a cleaning schedule that fits your budget and needs. Some office cleaning companies charge by duty, while others charge per square foot. Tell the company what kind of cleaning you need, and ask for an itemised list of items included in their rates. You can even ask about special offers.

Trash pick-up

Office cleaning services also provide restroom sanitisation. It includes disinfecting the insides of the sink and toilets, which will reduce bacterial growth. Bathroom trash cans are also cleaned to remove any lingering odours and germs. Trash pick-up for office cleaning services also includes emptying bathroom trash cans and replacing dirty garbage bags with clean ones.

Interior window cleaning

Whether your office is a big building or small, interior window cleaning is crucial to keeping your workspace looking its best. A professional window cleaning service can provide a wide variety of services. These include exterior and interior windows, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and glass restoration, and some companies even offer additional tinting and complete bucket track services. To get started, call a professional window cleaner and get a free estimate.

Prices can vary widely between services. Large buildings and apartment buildings are usually charged per square foot. This method allows window cleaners to charge per window rather than per floor. However, smaller homes are usually charged flat fees. Generally, a two or four-pane window will cost anywhere from $14 to $28.

Floor scrubbing

Office Cleaning Services that offer floor scrubbing may have a range of clients. They may include schools, churches, stores, and other businesses. However, dirty floors can cause people to trip, slip, and fall. It may cause workplace injuries. As a result, hiring a service that offers floor scrubbing and sweeping is essential.

Floor scrubbing involves scrubbing the floors with a scrubber to remove any embedded dirt. Scrubbing also removes the top layer of wax, which prolongs the need for complete stripping. The floors are then buffed to a high shine. 

You can check online reviews of different Office Cleaning Services to find out whether the service you’re considering is good. Read their services’ testimonials and check for things like punctuality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. Also, be careful with negative reviews, as disgruntled former employees may write them. Additionally, you can search for local office cleaning companies through the Yellow Pages and your local newspaper.