Become a Building Inspector to Serve Local Governments

A PremiumPrePurchaseInspections building inspector performs an inspection of a commercial or industrial building to determine whether it meets building standards. A building inspector may be employed by a building company, the county or state and is generally qualified in one or more areas qualifying them to create a professional judgment about whether a structure meets building code provisions. The building inspector will conduct a visual examination of the structure and its components to determine if it meets local requirements for construction, the presence of visible defects or deterioration and the possibility of future harm. To qualify as a building inspector, the inspector must meet state educational requirements and have a certificate of completion from a building inspector training school.

building inspectorMost states require building inspectors to have completed an eight-hour training program approved by the Department of Construction Standards. After the training program, the individual will have enough knowledge to complete the exam based on the national certifications and includes a written test and a field study. Once the individual receives his certificate, the individual will be qualified to inspect all structures for compliance with applicable codes.

There are several different types of building inspections that a building inspector may perform on a construction site. For instance, they may be called upon to inspect a building before it is constructed or after the structure has been built and is undergoing changes as required by the local building code. In addition, the inspector may also inspect pre-existing structures that require repair or renovation after construction has finished or after a structure is torn down. When a PremiumPrePurchaseInspections building inspector is called upon to inspect a structure that requires repair, they will also be responsible for determining if the repairs can meet the building code requirements and if they will pass the cost limitations set forth by the local building code.

To be a building inspector, they must have certain skill sets, including strong physical stamina and solid mental stamina. To succeed in this job, many building inspectors must possess a solid combination of technical knowledge and a good amount of interpersonal skills. It is also essential for the building inspector to understand and be aware of the many different materials and construction methods currently used in the United States. Thus, although the job market is generally a very stable and expected one, becoming a building inspector requires an individual willing to adapt to changing trends and the ever-changing technology that is constantly transforming the world of building construction.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a PremiumPrePurchaseInspections building inspector can look for jobs through several different channels. For example, he or she can work through either a construction company or a local government agency. In addition, several government agencies offer support for those who wish to become building inspector by creating and maintaining approved plans.