The Steps to Hand Washing a Weighted Blanket

You’ve been using the best heavy blanket for insomnia for quite some time now. Before it starts smelling funky, don’t you need to do something about it?

Can you take it to the dry cleaner? Well, if you have a bathtub at home, you might want to hand-wash it instead. In this article, we provide you with the step-by-step procedure to get your weighted blanket smelling fresh again!


  1. 1. Fill a bathtub or a big basin or sink halfway with lukewarm water.

best heavy blanket for insomniaMake sure it is big enough for your blanket and the amount of water required.

You will need enough space to move and agitate the blanket without spilling water on the tub.


  1. 2. Add a mild detergent to the water.

Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach or other bleaching agents that could damage the fibres.

Gentle detergents and thorough rinsing of your blanket will keep the fabric soft and comfortable on your skin.

Between half and a full cup (the cup of your detergent container) should be sufficient.


  1. 3. Use your hands.

Use a swirling motion, activate the detergent in the water, making it foamy and also evenly distribute the detergent.


  1. 4. Immerse the whole blanket in the water.

Push it into the water to cover it entirely in the sudsy water. Use your hands to gently lift and inspect the blanket in sections to see the parts you have cleaned. Leave the blanket in the bathtub and empty the water from the tub.


  1. 5. Pour fresh water into the bathtub.

Once the initial soapy water has drained, add clean water and rinse the cover. Repeat until there is no more soap residue on the cover.

Scooping, stirring and gently scrunching the blanket in clean water will help dispel the soap from your blanket.

You will know if the soap has been removed when the rinse water is clear.

  1. 6. Remove excess water.

Remove the excess water from the cover by rolling it well. You do not need to wring it out. Repeat until most of the water has dissipated.

You can roll or fold the blanket and press on it to pull out the water.

You will not be able to get all the water from the blanket, which is normal.

If you twist your cover, you may warp or redistribute your weight. Compression is the best option. If you have some clean towels around, you can roll the blanket in them. It will leave you with a light blanket to proceed with the next step. The towels will absorb much of the water, and since they are smaller, you can run them in a spin cycle of your washer, then onto the dryer.

  1. 7. Dry the blanket.

Hang it on the sun using a clothesline or on a railing. Shake it every 30 minutes to remove excess water and redistribute the weight evenly.

On a beautiful sunny day, before the evening ends, you can hold your best heavy blanket for insomnia relief – all fresh and wonderful again!!