What Are the Benefits You Get from Babywearing?

Babywearing has been a tradition for centuries in many civilisations around the world. It is the practice of transporting your baby or toddler using a baby carrier, wrap, sling or other style carriers. It is also well-known to stimulate affection, supports breastfeeding, a great help in fighting postpartum depression, and a lot more.

As you go through this article, you will learn more about the advantages of babywearing and discover this beautiful method as a prudent and efficient parenting tool.

1 – Using Baby Slings Australia means your baby will cry less.

Based on research, babies will cry less when they are held either in parents’ arms or a baby sling carrier or wrap. In societies where babies are almost continuously-carried, they cry less often than those in non-carrying cultures.

2 – It stimulates healthy infant growth.

The act of carrying your child using a sling, wrap or carrier comes with benefits. Doing so can help in boosting baby’s IQ, it promotes long-term benefits involving good health, psychological security and independence.

3 – It helps you as a parent because it frees your hands.

Parents and caregivers can hold baby close and secure while still having both hands free through Babywearing. Caregivers can even care for other children and perform their daily routines while carrying their baby close to their heart.

4 – It is a form of bonding, too.

According to a study, babies are more likely to establish a strong and secure attachment to their mothers if they continuously carried through a baby carrier, sling or wrap.

5 – Baby Slings Australia helps in the emotional development of the child.

When often carried, babies are promptly able to develop a feeling of security and trust. They feel more securely attached to their caregiver and are more likely to become independent even at a young age.

6 – It also helps in advancing learning abilities.

Babies devote much of their time in a calm and alert state when carried, which is the perfect state for learning. Studies show that ‘worn’ babies have better visual and auditory attentiveness as compared to those children where parents just put them in a crib or playpen. Other studies also reveal that carried babies have advance speech development because they are more exposed to the usual adult discussion and everyday life.

7 – It promotes social development.

Your baby can quickly adapt your body’s rhythm if you wear them close to you. Your heartbeat, voice, breathing, and warmth are all familiar to your baby.

After All, we all know how overwhelming and exhausting a parenting life is. You have so many works to do, you must do laundry, need to attend other obligations, do some errands, and you can’t always hold your baby whenever they need you. Babywearing helps you and your baby because it is a great way to connect with your child, provide stimulation for baby, while still able to perform your mundane activities.