Facts About All on 4 Dental Implants

Dental implants are popular these days because they are more effective compared to the traditional procedures in dentistry that improve ruined teeth. While implants are standard, have you heard of the term “All on 4?” This particular LidumsDental service is a trend that many people with decayed teeth trust.



All on 4 dental implants are the types of implants that dentists recommend to people who have severely decayed teeth. In some cases, this option is recommended to those who have all or most of their teeth destroyed.


Check this list of the most important things you need to know about LidumsDental All on 4 implants.


  1. Bleeding is Normal


Yes! Since your dentist will install four screws to hold all of your teeth together, you will experience bleeding for about an hour or so. Even after you leave the clinic, there may still be some bleeding. It is best to replace the gauze on your mouth every 45 minutes to prevent bacteria.


  1. Proper Brushing


You can’t use your regular brush at this point. After an Allon4 implant procedure, your dentist will recommend a soft brush and medicated rinse to keep your mouth clean at all times. This will prevent infections and encourage healing in the areas where the screws were implanted.


  1. Rest is a Must


Before leaving the clinic, your dentist will tell you to take some time off of work or school. You need a lot of rest for a couple of days so your bleeding will not persist. Engaging in physical activities after having implants could also result in swelling or infections.


  1. Pain is Inevitable


As with other surgical procedures, having All on 4 dental implants will cause you pain. Your dentist will prescribe pain killers, but at some point, you will still feel the pain. Most of the pain will come hours and several days after the procedure – after the anesthetic wears off.


  1. Don’t Panic with Discolouration


The discolouration is part of the healing process. This often takes place a few days after your All on 4 dental implants surgery. The hues can vary, but if you feel anxious about the colour around the areas where the screws were implanted, call your dentist for added assurance.


  1. Slow Stretching


It is normal for people who went through this procedure to feel like they should not move their mouths ever during the first week. However, dental experts recommend slow stretching movements. This will prevent a lockjaw.


All on 4 implants are the most effective solutions for teeth that are severely decayed or have eroded. Consult with your dentist if you think you need the surgery or if your teeth problems can still be resolved through other procedures.