DIY Tree Stump Removal Risks

When removing a tree stump, there is always the temptation of doing it yourself. Like many other home projects, people will want to sharpen their DIY skills by trying to remove a tree stump on their won. While DIY tree stump removal is possible, it doesn’t go without risks. In cases where you have a tree stump that is in a free area, and it is not as big regarding the diameter, you can always try removing it yourself. Such a tree stump removal project involves fewer risks compared to a stump that is in a tight area and is large. This article will look at the dangers of DIY tree stump removal Sydney.


Injuries and Damage to Property


When removing a tree stump, you will be using different tools depending on the scope of the project. For example, you may hire a stump grinder among other dangerous equipment. If you have no experience handling such tools, then there are chances that you will suffer injuries or even injure a family member or a friend who might be giving you a hand. Besides such injuries, if the tree stump is near your property, i.e. in a tight access area, you may cause property damages which will cost you a fortune to repair. All these are risks that you can minimise by hiring tree stump removal Sydney service. The experts have the experience to handle tools and any tree stump removal regardless of the size of the stump. Also, in case of damages and injuries, they have liability insurance that covers such expenses.



Fire and Environmental Pollution


Some of the DIY tree stump removal services include the use of fire and chemicals. For example, if a stump is away from your property, you may decide to burn the stump as a way of removing it. This poses a fire risk as the fire can spread depending on the environment as well as the weather at that time. There have been many such cases, and so there are chances it can as well happen to you. Chemicals are also used when removing a tree stump. For example, if a tree stump is near your house and grinding and burning are out of option, then you can use chemicals to speed up the decay rate. Such compounds may be washed away by running water, and this results in environmental pollution. To avoid all these risks, you should work with tree stump removal Sydney expert. The experts will know when to apply which removal method and how to do it safely.