What You Need to Know About Impact Drivers

The power tools back in the day are no longer the same as what is available nowadays. With the help of technology and modern manufacturing methods, the tools have become a lot more efficient and effective in making sure you get the job done, regardless of the type of project. One of the best proofs of how advanced and convenient power tools have become is the Makita impact driver from Adelaide Tools.


When you decide to purchase an impact driver, what it means is that you no longer must settle with the use of stripped fastener heads as well as half-sunk screws. With minimal effort required, you can take on any job or task with higher chances of success. Yes, when it comes to jobs requiring the driving of screws and fasteners, nothing is more effective and efficient than an impact driver. A conventional drill does not come with enough power and torque to provide the reliability you need for screwing through hard or resilient material. Since the drill has a high RPM, there also is a tendency to strip the screw heads. Meanwhile, the impact driver comes with a design which ideally drives even a three-inch screw though solid stubs using one hand. It is possible because of the torque.



The thing with impact drivers is that you will eventually realise that using them will save you a lot of energy and time, be it a do-it-yourself home improvement project or a construction job. When it comes to driving a fastener, the impact driver is arguably two-folds better than any drill.


Impact drivers come in two general types – corded and cordless. When you shop for a Makita impact driver from Adelaide tools, you also get those two options readily available. Most people, especially do-it-yourself enthusiasts, prefer a cordless variety powered by a battery since it helps them work from anywhere without worrying about the power source. The cordless impact driver is designed for convenience and mobility, but it does not have the same power as that of a corded model.



While there are people who think that the power provided by a battery in a cordless impact driver may not be enough for some projects at home, the truth is that it is more than capable of driving almost any kind of fastener. A cordless impact driver will make it convenient for you to drive screws into hard materials with little effort.


Now if most of your projects are in garages and workshops, you are better off choosing a corded impact driver. The reason is that aside from driving fasteners, the corded variety is powerful enough to remove stubborn fasteners. Just be sure though that you have a power source within reach.