Day: September 8, 2022

Choosing Plantation Shutters For Your Home

If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your windows, then plantation shutters Adelaide are a great choice. In Adelaide, you can find several different styles. You can choose white teak, Poplar, Basswood, or even Paulownia. If you’re unsure, you can always request an in-home consultation.


White teak

If you’re looking for roller shutters, plantation shutters or interior blinds for your home, check out Roller Shutters Adelaide or Perth. They offer free in-home measurements and mobile showrooms. They’ll bring the showroom to your home so you can get a free estimate and measure. For more information about plantation shutters Adelaide, check out plantation now.


Choosing the correct type of shutter for your home is crucial. Choose louvred shutters for a more authentic plantation look or solid shutters for the best privacy and light control. Louvred shutters feature a louvred mid-section, while solid shutters have solid panels with an open top and closed bottom. Depending on your preferences, solid shutters can be contemporary or classic and blend well with your existing decor.


White teak plantation shutters will give your home a rich, elite look. They are made of the strongest wood and are sourced from sustainable plantations. They’re resistant to rot and keep worms and other pests out. They also look great in any size home.


Poplar painted

High-profile (TM) Poplar-painted plantation shutters offer a broad spectrum of colours and finishes to suit any style or home. With a 540 Janka hardness rating, Poplar is a strong and even-grained timber. Basswood is lighter and stronger, with a consistent colour. It is also available in veneer form, with a thin layer of Basswood wrapped around other timbers.


Poplar shutters are available in a range of standard and personalised colours and can be painted with a high-quality two-pack polyurethane finish. This construction process also ensures that the timber used in the shutters is of a higher yield, resulting in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable product. This shutter range also comes with various blade sizes and finishes, allowing for complete flexibility and creative design. For more information about plantation shutters Adelaide, check out plantation now.


As an added benefit, plantation shutters allow you to control the amount of light that enters a room. If desired, you can open them to flood a room with natural light or close them to block glare. This makes them the ideal window covering for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. They also help keep the temperature of a room even if it’s sunny outside.


Basswood stained

Basswood-stained plantation shutters Adelaide are a beautiful choice for any home, especially in urban areas like Adelaide. They come in various colours, are elegant, and offer privacy. If you’re looking for a shutter that will transform your home’s style, look no further than the Highprofile (TM) brand. These shutters offer the right balance of light, airflow, and temperature control.


The high-profile Basswood Stained shutters from Adelaide offer the luxurious appeal of natural timber, with ten standard stains. Each shutter is stained, sealed, and top-coated, making them a high-quality choice for any home. Basswood timber also enhances colouring by offering uniform texture even in lighter shades. Basswood shutters can be installed on windows of any size or style.


Basswood is a soft and durable wood that can be easily worked with. It also stains and glues well. This makes it the perfect choice for stained shutters. It is widely available and relatively cheap and is used in many other applications, including musical instruments and fibre products. In addition, it is sustainable.



If you’re looking for a quality timber shutter that will enhance the look and feel of your home, consider installing paulownia plantation shutters. These shutters are available in various paint and stain colours and can be custom matched to your home’s design. Additionally, they are a great choice for those who care about the environment. They produce one cubic metre of hardwood every eight years, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.


Paulownia plantation shutters are made from sustainable, lightweight timber as durable as cedar. This timber’s fine grain texture and low oil content make it the perfect choice for shutters. This timber is also ideal for large windows and is available in three louvre sizes to accommodate varying window sizes.


Basswood is another popular choice for shutters. This wood comes from the Tilia tree and features a beautiful grain pattern and texture. The wood is durable, scratch-resistant, and can be stained or finished with polyurethane paint. For more information about plantation shutters Adelaide, check out plantation now.